Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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Monday, December 5, 2011

What to consider when purchasing a floor machine

Purchasing commercial floor care equipment for your work or business can sometimes seem complicated the more you shop. Its important to keep in mind what the two most important aspects: the size of the floors that you will be using the machine on as well as the method and end result you hope to achieve. 

When shopping for a floor machine keep in mind how user-friendly it is. Machines like the M171-3 in the Millennium Series from Powr-Flite are precisely engineered to absorb shock and torque while being easy to operate and move from side-to-side. New improvements such as its one-piece rotationally molded housing minimizes shock and vibration while giving the operator maximum control.

Most floor machines come in sizes ranging from 13” to 20” in diameter. If you’re going to be cleaning smaller areas such as bathrooms, offices or homes then choose a floor machine that’s smaller in diameter so you’ll be able to maneuver easily with a greater end result. If the floor you’re going to be cleaning is quite large then you will want to look at floor machines with a larger diameter.

Most professionals use a floor machine to remove scuff and residue embedded in the finish of the floor as well as to remove deeply embedded soil on a floor with a damaged finish. Look for a versatile machine that houses a 1 to 1.5 HP motor and operates at 175 RPM. A machine that meets these standards will be able to deliver a professional result combined with the correct floor pad and solution. There are also dual-speed floor machines that offer a low-speed setting (usually 175 RPM) as well as a high-speed setting to provide a deeper clean and a high gloss finish.

Powr-Flite has long been a trusted leader in the commercial floor care business for over 40 years. Shop their wide range of floor machines and burnishers at www.Powr-Flite.com

Friday, November 18, 2011

You Need FULL Pad-To-Floor Contact

Scuff marks and heel marks can ravage an otherwise clean and polished floor taking it from superb condition to a less than optimal look. When looking at a burnisher to attack such a floor and return it to a high shine it’s important to make sure you get full pad-to-floor contact. Without it you’re not maximizing your floor pad and burnisher.

If you are lacking full pad-to-floor contact this can be easily diagnosed by reviewing the pad wear. Is the edge of your pad worn down? This means only the edge is being utilized in your job not only making the total time of the job longer but wasting the rest of the pad area. Only using a few inches of a total pad means additional passes on the floor will be needing costing you time, energy and money.

Get full pad-to-floor contact with a burnisher from Powr-Flite. These machines offer exceptional operation that provides a smooth feel throughout the job. A self-adjusting pad driver has the flexibility to burnish unlevel surfaces evenly for a great finish. With a variety of sizes and housings available you can find the perfect burnisher for your needs. Each burnisher though provides a one-piece metal handle housing for a long life and no compensation caster is needed! The end result is incredible machines that excel at a quality floor finish and get the job done as efficiently as possible.

See the entire line of burnishers at www.Powr-Flite.com today.